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Attached behaviors for Windows 8 Metro Style XAML

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Regular readers of my blog know that there are some recurring themes: MVVM, maps and behaviors. I am a big fan of using behaviors ever since I learned how to use this rooting trough the source of MVVMLight. When I saw the BUILD videos I was elated. I saw a great merger of the best things of Windows and  Windows Phone 7 styles and I knew I was going to get on board too. Five months later, I found myself being an MVP and on the Microsoft Campus of all places, and
got a pretty unpleasant surprise: a lady presenting the new Expression Blend version said there would be no behaviors in Windows 8 Metro Style XAML. I was quite pissed off at the time. I still think that is quite an omission, but then again, when it’s not your deadline it’s always easy to criticize others. And then for some reason, this week, I remembered a single line from a presentation by Laurent Bugnion on the 2012 Microsoft Techdays in The Hague. “You can’t use behaviors but you can use attached dependency properties”. It kept reverbing...(Read whole news on source site)

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