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Sending SMS from .NET Application

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Today, when visiting the MSDN forums, came across of a request about the subject of this post. While replying, thought of writing a post with visual aids. So that it would be more meaningful. But unfortunate that doesn’t support to upload the Images. Hence is the blog post. Before we talk about .NET application, it is required to understand how SMS works and the integration with some application. Thus, let’s see what happens when some one sends SMS. Am not going to talk about SMS sent
to any phone with 10 digits unique number, but am talking about sending SMS sent to less than 10 digits number, sent on some reserved interfaces (or) mass SMS receiving mechanism. Mostly these kind of requirements come into action when polling is required or a kind of reality shows like in USA and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa from Zee Tv in India. Let’s start with how this kind of polling is offered by...(Read whole news on source site)

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