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Low-Latency High-Performant Financial App Infrastructures

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  Financial Apps feel the need for speed – this can come via parallelization, and via infrastructure - fast messaging and non-blocking distributed memory management. This blogpost gives an overview + examples of various technologies that can squeeze performance out of your trading apps and clock cycles out of your modeling apps. Low Latency via Infrastructure ZeroMQ · ZeroMQ is a messaging library - ‘messaging middleware’ , ‘TCP on steroids’ , ‘new layer on the networking stack’. not a complete messaging system , but is a simple messaging library to be used programmatically. Gives the
flexibility and performance of low level socket interface plus ease of implementation of high level. It is designed for simplicity. · Performance - ZeroMQ is orders of magnitude faster than most AMQP messaging systems as it doesn’t have the overhead. It leverages efficient transports such as reliable Multicast and makes use of intelligent message batching, minimizing not only protocol overhead but also system calls. You can choose the message encoding format such as BSON or ProtoBuff. o ZeroMQ sockets can connect to multiple end points and automatically load balance messages over them. It is brokerless and thus has...(Read whole news on source site)

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