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Fluent Assertions gets a bug fix release

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While we are working on the next major version of Fluent Assertions, we received several smaller bug reports that we bundled in release 1.7.1. Fixed a bug that occurs when two collections are compared for equality but the collection contains null. Fixed a stack overflow while formatting an object graph containing static cyclic references. Fixed the issue where an exception was thrown when building a failure message by dumping the values of all properties, and one of the properties throws an exception. Made the handling of cyclic references when validating equality of nested properties configurable (ignore / throw
exception) Fixed some incorrect failure messages when comparing XML elements and attributes Fixed a NullReferenceException when comparing objects that have a write-only properties Fixed a potential NullReferenceException while comparing the properties of a complex graph and when a deep property contains a null object. These days, our preferred delivery mechanism is NuGet, but you can still get a ZIP from the CodePlex landing page. Issues can be dropped on the Issue Tracker page, but we also monitor any StackOverflow tagged with fluent-assertions.
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