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What Are Brogrammers Afraid Of?

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Disclaimer: these opinions are my own and don’t necessarily represent the opinion of any person or institution who are not me. The topic of sexism in the software industry has flared up recently. This post by Katie Cunningham (aka The Real Katie), entitled Lighten Up, caught my attention. As a father of a delightful little girl, I hope someday my daughter feels welcomed as a developer should she choose that profession. In general, I try to avoid discussions of politics, religion, and racism/sexism on my blog not because I don’t have strong feelings about these
things, but I doubt I will change anyone’s mind. If you don’t think there’s an institutionalized subtle sexism problem in our industry, I probably won’t change your mind. So I won’t try. Instead, I want to attempt an empirical look at some problems that probably do affect you today that just happen to be related to sexism. Maybe you’ll want to do something about it. But first, some facts. The Facts Whether we agree on the existence of institutional sexism in our industry, I think we can all agree that our industry is overwhelmingly...(Read whole news on source site)

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