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EF5 Beta 2 Available on NuGet

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A few weeks ago we released EF5 Beta 1, since then we’ve been working to improve quality and polish up the release. Today we are making EF5 Beta 2 available on NuGet. This release is licensed for use in production applications. Because it is a pre-release version of EF5 there are some limitations, see the license for more details.   What Changed Since Beta 1? Beta 2 is mainly about improving quality, here are the more notable changes since Beta 1: Migrations commands now work in Visual Studio 2010. There was
a bug in Beta 1 that caused them to only work in Visual Studio 11 Beta. Moved database related Data Annotations to System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema namespace. The annotations that originally shipped in EntityFramework.dll have moved into System.ComponentModel.dll in .NET 4.5. As part of this move, the database related annotations were moved into a .Schema sub-namespace. In EF 5 we made the same namespace change for applications targeting .NET 4.0. Fixed the ‘Sequence contains no elements’ bug that several users reported on Beta 1. Simplified the web.config/app.config settings to register SQLEXPRESS or LocalDb as...(Read whole news on source site)

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