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Navigating with WinRT JavaScript

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I am currently playing around with WinRT JavaScript applications. Starting out with a navigation application written from scratch, just to find out how it all fits together. The MSDN library is actually quite scarce when it comes to resources on WinRT. They give you the overall picture of how Metro style apps work, but, for JavaScript applications, the actual information is a bit meager. So I thought it would be nice to dissect a Metro style navigation app and see what code you need to get it up and running. Also beware that the information I will be giving here
is based on the first developer preview of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2011 Express Edition. Things are still very likely to change in the next couple of months.

What I did, was create two Metro style JavaScript applications, one based on a blank project template and one based on the navigation application project template. Let's first see what the navigation application gives us.

When you look at the project of the navigation application, you will see it gives you a couple of predefined html, JavaScript and css files. There are two html files...(Read whole news on source site)

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