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Maker Geek Roundup 009 for 3/14/2012–Pi Day Edition

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For those of you in the US, today is Pi day : 3/14. For those countries that would call this 14-3, bear with me, as you don't get any pi pfftth :) The Maker Geek Roundup aggregates information of interest to makers everywhere. Topics include .NET Micro Framework, Arduino, AVR and other MCUs, CNC, 3d Printing, Robotics, Microsoft Robotics Studio, Electronics, General Maker stuff, and more. If you have something interesting you've done or have run across, or you blog regularly on the topics included here, please send me the URL and brief description via the contact link. 3d Printing, Laser Cutting, and CAD/CAM/CNC 3-D Printer with Nano-Precision (Science Daily) Awesome
Ultimaker printed Quadcopter! (Ultimaker) CNC Router Table Design Video - I Made a Computer Desk (Makermasters) .NET Gadgeteer Controlling Text-To-Speech from a client application (Mike Dodaro) Chucky module for Microsoft Gadgeteer (Wii Nunchuk connector) (Valentin Ivanov) Posture Regulator with LED Alert - Silent (Mike Dodaro) Gadgeteer DaisyLink - Protocol (Valentin Ivanov) .NET Micro Framework General (Netduino, GHI FEZ, etc.) Using basic IO with .NET Microframework (Laurent Ellerbach) Using one temperature sensor with I2C protocol and .NET Micro framework on netduino board (Laurent Ellerbach) Real time control of a stepper motor using netduino and node.js (slickstreamer) Arduino Twitter controlled dog feeder (NatMorris - YouTube) Internet of Things Camera (Ladyada) Other Micro Controllers...(Read whole news on source site)

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