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Micro ORM Data Mapping with PetaPoco and ASP.NET MVC 4

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Like others, I spend a LOT of time in and out of EntityFramework for Silverlight and MVC application development. Though it has its place in the development ecosystem, there are those times that it may be overkill, cumbersome and/or down right annoying to use (i.e.: auto-generated strongly typed metadata, lack of stored procedure support without blank tables/views come to mind). Welcome to Micro ORM land, a place that allows you the developer to wrap your data objects as you see fit, use standard SQL syntax, even map complex datasets to local objects (POCOs). Today we're playing with PetaPoco, but feel
free to check post references for info on additional Micro ORMs. PetaPoco is a single file solution for mapping your database objects without the overhead of more mainstream ORMs. It provides flexibility for data access including querying, joining, CRUD operations and much more with your application POCO (Plain Old CLR Object) objects. You control and/or map what data/objects are needed, how they should be used without the all-or-nothing approach of more mainstream ORMs (i.e.: EntityFramework). As an application developer, you can both derive a dataset consisting of joins, functions, etc using standard SQl syntax or map individual objects and use LinQ...(Read whole news on source site)

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