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VS 11 have improved support for Razor and Page-inspector ?

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VS11 have launched some days ago.  Every people are curious to use it. some of the great feature are :- Page inspector:- You can find about page inspector here Page Inspector for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Using Page Inspector in a Visual Studio 11 Beta Web Forms Project Somebody on Microsoft connect reported that Their Visual studio 11 crash when they working on CSHTML file. If you have same problem then You need to look on Crash Visual Studio 11 beta. MVC Razor. Some other detail about the
issue is here Visual Studio 11 Beta Razor editor issue workaround . Scott write about VS11 on their blog.You also need to read  Visual Studio 11 Beta in Context If you try yourself using VS11 for working on MVC application you find that They are make some improvement. In VS10 when Code is written in UL LI then they look ugly but in VS11 it’s work perfectly.   Thanks ...(Read whole news on source site)

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