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Fill up a WPF progress bar with a linear gradient

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Not so long ago I was faced with a problem how to fill a rectangle with a gradient, which shows a progress, with the gradient stops depending on the current progress. I know I know, this probably tells you nothing. I believe a good visual example will save me a thousand words, so here it comes. This is what I wanted to say:

So lets discuss what we see here. We have three styled progress bars, each filled with the same background. The middle one serves as a reference point only. The middle and the last
text boxes are filled with a regular linear gradient brush. And I mean regular, absolutely no magic there. When we change the progress using the slider, you can see that the rectangle which is used to show current progress shrinks or expands, but the last gradient behaves in a weird way. This is actually the default bahavior here. However, what I really expect is the behavior of the first progress bar – the fill gradient depends on the current progress. In other words, you can imagine 100% as the full gradient. Than, I want to crop it based on current...(Read whole news on source site)

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