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UppercuT v1.2–NuGet Support

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For those that have not yet heard, NuGet went v1 recently along with a whole slew of tools from the Microsoft folks. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the NuGet project and see it take shape over the past few months with community input and contributions. Even though v1.0 was released, we are already moving forward with getting ideas and prioritizing features for the next version. To follow the announcement, UppercuT (UC) v1.2 now includes support for NuGet out of the box. Plus, it will handle versioning the nuspec
file for you, a highly requested feature for those that worked with other package managers. UppercuT + NuGet == Can Packaging Get Any Easier? It can. UC exists to take the pains out of builds. To go from zero to your first NuGet package with the goodness of UC, just read on and follow the directions. If you are already creating nuget packages, UC can help update the version in the nuspec for you automatically. Read on… Upgrading? 1. For those upgrading, you bring over the entire contents of the build directory like before. Please see...(Read whole news on source site)

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