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MVP Summit 2012–the day after

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So here I am, back in the Netherlands, after the MVP Summit 2012, still quite dazed from what hit me. It was my very first summit, and I was not quite sure what to expect. In retro respect the most amazing thing was what might be called ‘super Tuesday’. I spent a whole day with my fellow Windows Phone MVP’s and the product team. Suddenly all the people I only conversed with on twitter or live messenger were in one room: people like Ginny Caugey (I finally now know how to pronounce
her last name), Matt Hidinger, Den ‘DennisCode’ Delimarsky (he actually is recognizable from his XBox avatar), Atley Hunter (who I think deserves the nickname ‘Fast Forward’) , Nick ‘ActiveNick’ Landry, Peter Novak, Rudy Huyn, to name just a few – and we where joined by people of the product team, which included Cliff Simkins, Ben Lower and a few more whose name I omit because I am not even sure if I can mention them without spilling some beans. I feel a bit lame...(Read whole news on source site)

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