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windows 8 likes and dislikes

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There’s a lot to like in windows 8 preview: it’s easy to see how windows 8 will be a hit on tablet devices; there’s massive synergy with windows phone; the built in windows live experience combined with your settings in the cloud, make it smooth to go from one device to another. But there’s other bits I’m not so fond of ... The Start Menu Obviously the biggest change people first see is the start menu is now a start page. I like the concept but dislike the fine details on how it is implemented. At present to
get to the start menu you have to move your cursor to the lower left of the screen; to see “running” apps you have to move it to the upper left then swipe down; to see all applications you need to right click to see the “toolbar” along the bottom of the screen and select all apps. It’s those details I don’t like. They aren’t intuitive, they aren’t obvious. People have to go through an initial period of disorientation: that’s a negative first taste for existing customers. What I’d much prefer to see is : Put...(Read whole news on source site)

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