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Build All The Things With Bildopolis

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Recently I’ve been tweeting photos of my kids playing with a new toy my wife bought them that I’mthey are totally enthralled with. It’s called the Bildopolis Big Bilder Kit. This is a creation of a family friend of ours who used to be an industrial designer at IDEO. He left a while ago to start on his own thing and came up with this. We bought a set immediately in part to to support his efforts, but also because it looked cool. We were not disappointed. This thing is fun. The
concept is really simple. It’s a set of cardboard squares, triangles, and rectangles that have “female” velcro semicircles attached. Those are the white parts in the photos. The kit also comes with a bag of colorful “male” velcro “dots”. Apply the dots to attach the cardboard pieces together to make all sorts of interesting structures for your kids to play in. If your kids are older, they’ll probably want to build their own structures. I want to make it clear that I don’t get any kickbacks or anything and we paid full price...(Read whole news on source site)

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