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VS2011 Beta 1 is out

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It is about time to look at the new .NET Framework 4.5 release along with the brand new Visual Studio 2011 Beta 1. Besides the new features I wanted to see if the massive performance complaints have been taken and addressed. First the good things. VS2011 Beta 1 does start a lot quicker as its predecessors. It is nearly as fast as VS2008 which was from the performance aspect the best release since VS6. This is great news. Below are some numbers I did compile on my Windows 7 x32 PC with a Intel Duo 6600 2,4GHz and an
Intel X25M Postville SSD. *** Disclaimer I do know it is still beta and performance is not a prime concern at this stage but still I do want to know if there are already changes in it for the better or worse. *** For starters I did the usual stuff most people do during their daily work. Start Visual Studio (warm startup). Open a .cs file from the explorer. Open a default Windows Forms solution (time is measured until the property grid is visible). ...(Read whole news on source site)

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