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Reliable themes: Plan for fonts

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After you completes the first steps in creating your reliable theme, it is now time to move forward and consider another aspect in this task. When the palette is ready the next step in to plan for the typefaces. Fonts are a crucial aspect tha shares with colors the scene almost with the same weight. Choosing the wrong typeface means make your application difficult to read so the user can be tired after a short usage, but this is only one aspect of the problem. Togheter with colors, fonts contribute to the general feel about the
reliability and effectiveness of the user interface. It is really important to carefully choose a wide set of options about fonts aspect of the typeface: it exists a huge number of typefaces and every one of them can be used in specific context. Carefully evaluate your font, preferring sans-serif on serif because the first one are more readable in different sizes when used in user interfaces. size of the font: size matters, and it is not a joke. Size is not only a problem of readability but also a problem of space. you have to choose the...(Read whole news on source site)

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