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Root Solution Command Prompt Access in Visual Studio

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If you're a git command line user (msysgit Git from Windows Command Prompt), you've undoubtedly had to keep a command window open during development for repetitive commits. Enough of that. With the addition of a new External Tool (more like a link to an executable) within Visual Studio and an updated Tools.ExternalCommand[#] hotkey config, that pesky command line window can remain closed and opened directly within the Solution's root directory for faster git command access as needed. Assuming you've already installed msysgit, open Visual Studio, select "Tools", then "External Tools". Enter your desired Title string, navigate
to and select your Windows cmd.exe path and choose Solution Directory for the Initial Directory option and click OK when done. Note the order of External Tool created in the list as this equates to the Tools.ExternalCommand[#] hotkey number (1-24 determined from top to bottom of list) configured in your keyboard options. Next, select "Tools", then "Options" and select "Keyboard" from the options listed under "General" on the left pane. In the "Show commands containing:" box, type "Tools.ExternalCommand" to filter down the command list and select the External Command number that matches your previously created External Command determined by position in list....(Read whole news on source site)

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