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Draw your Paths with Logo Turtle Graphics

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Working on a presentation I'm preparing about Silverlight 5.0, I wrote a funny example to demonstrate the new "Vector Printing" feature. My purpose was to put together a bunch of lines to send to the printer, but I was unsatisfied by any result I created by hand. So, all of a sudden, I remembered the beauty of some figures, I drawed long time ago (perhaps I was 15), using the Logo Turtle Graphics principles and decided to write some code to draw them again. The result is funny. Try yourself to move the sliders in the following application to
see the figures.
The code behind the example is really simple. I wrote a basic Turtle class that is able to manage the position of the turtle. It exposes a basic set of methods that emulates the movements that are tipical of a Logo procedure. Forward, Backward, Left and Right and so on.
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