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Reliable Theming: Plan for colors

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Working on applications built with Silverlight, it is really common you have to deal with styles, templates, and often this means you have to build a theme pervading an entire application. Building a theme is not so simple as you may believe at the first sight. It requires instead a careful planning, from the conceptual side first and in the technical implementation then. There are lot of topics regarding the creation of a theme from the designer point of view but here I want to discuss about the implementation details that are often underestimated. Styles are a
great thing. But if you ever tried to use them without a careful planning you are aware that, more than often, they become a nightmare. We all are conscious about the reasons that move us to adopt styles in an application, but when the time comes we all tent to forget these reasons. And this is the mother of all the mistakes - ok, not only about styles - that usually makes our "stylesheet" more similar to a disordered trashcan instead of an useful thing. You start coding UI, then you understand that some properties have the same values, so...(Read whole news on source site)

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