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TFS11 (vNext): Local Workspaces

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This is the next part in my series of TFS vNext posts:
Part 1: The My Work Tab
Part 2: Pending Changes
Part 3: Code Review Local Workspaces is a new feature in TFS11.  Fundamentally, it is the biggest change that existing TFS developers developers will feel as they interact with this new version. In TFS 2010 and previous versions, workspaces where “server” workspaces, which means that the server has the master copy and the server must be notified before any change
is made to a file.  This is known as an “Edit-Merge-Commit” style and it’s typical of a server-centric solution.  TFS11 introduces Local Workspaces which moves the ownership of the workspace (and its files) to the client and it’s up to the server to accept changes made on the client.  This style is called “Modify-Merge-Commit”.  The first thing that people will notice is that when you get latest, the the files are no longer read-only and the moment that you start making changes to them, Visual Studio will be aware of the changes.  The important thing here is that...(Read whole news on source site)

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