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What is worth noting in WebMatrix 2

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If I have to summarize in what is worth noting in WebMatrix 2 so far, here is how I would like to put it: Inspiring Environment – Web development is an inspiring task and I believe having an inspiring environment for it is important.  In WebMatrix we have always aspired to give web developers a polished and fresh environment to achieve mundane tasks.   Some interesting things worth noting in WebMatrix 2 from this standpoint are: App Install Workflow – We aspired to ask almost zero questions when you install an open source app like
WordPress or Joomla.  We make the default choices for you and yeah we know that some of you want full control so we will enable that as well. Color Picker – Yeah you would think that what is the big deal about a CSS color picker but we rejected the traditional design you see every other place, we wanted it to be more natural to use and what we have now is something which has tons of tiny details like showing colors which your site already uses, switching from hex to RGBA,...(Read whole news on source site)

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