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Linq Challenge in C++

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I really love the LINQ language extension in dot net programming and I’m really glad it was added to a language I love (C#). My background, however, has a lot of C++ in it and I still do some coding in C++ – sometimes for fun and sometimes to put back into practice things I should have know for years, but are just now being recognized by my ever-widening eyes.  A lot of that new vision comes from seeing C# and LINQ and, of course, practicing all forms of programming MOJO on programming forums, like One particular post I
saw there was in the C++ forum, where a user posted a question about two-dimensional arrays and how to search for a particular pattern of digits based on array boundaries.  The user posted a block of digits like this:
1,3,4,5,5,5,5 The question asked was how to return a 2d array of the rows that did not contain “all” zero values.  Most programmers can imagine a series of loops and boolean settings based on boundaries to eliminate the “bad” rows. I immediately thought “Use a WHERE clause on it”. …then I remembered I was...(Read whole news on source site)

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