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EF 4.3 Code-Based Migrations Walkthrough

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We have released the first go-live release of our Code First Migrations work as part of Entity Framework 4.3. This post will provide an overview of the functionality that is available inside of Visual Studio for interacting with migrations. We will focus on the code-based workflow for using migrations. In this workflow each change is written out to a code-based migration that can reside in your project. There is a separate Automatic Migrations Walkthrough that shows how this same set of changes can be applied using a mixture of code-based and automatic migrations. This
post assumes you have a basic understanding of Code First, if you are not familiar with Code First then please complete the Code First Walkthrough.   Building an Initial Model & Database Before we start using migrations we need a project and a Code First model to work with. For this walkthrough we are going to use the canonical Blog and Post model. Create a new MigrationsCodeDemo Console application.
. Add the latest version of the EntityFramework...(Read whole news on source site)

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