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EF 4.3 Released

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Over the last six months we’ve released a series of previews of our Code First Migrations work. Today we are making the first fully supported go-live release of our migrations work available as part of EF 4.3.   What Changed Between EF 4.2 and EF 4.3 The notable changes between EF 4.2 and EF 4.3 include: New Code First Migrations Feature. This is the primary new feature in EF 4.3 and allows a database created by Code First to be incrementally changed as your Code First model evolves.
Removal of EdmMetadata table. If you allow Code First to create a database by simply running your application (i.e. without explicitly enabling Migrations) the creation will now take advantage of improvements to database schema generation we have implemented as part of Migrations. Bug fix for GetDatabaseValues. In earlier releases this method would fail if your entity classes and context were in different namespaces. This issue is now fixed and the classes don’t need to be in the same namespace to use GetDatabaseValues. Bug fix to support Unicode DbSet names. In earlier releases...(Read whole news on source site)