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Going Native 2012 sessions available for download and streaming

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If you missed it, you can now download or stream (whichever you prefer) the sessions from the Going Native 2012 conference. I watched the whole thing and it was fascinating. If you’re new to C++, then some of the sessions are likely to be at a higher level than you may be ready for (though you can certainly watch them if you like). But there are some sessions I think any C++ developer would profit from watching. These are they: Day 1: Bjarne Stroustrup - C++11 Style
– Magic && Secrets" href="">Stephan T. Lavavej - STL11 – Magic && Secrets Panel - The Importance of Being Native Day 2: Herb Sutter - C++11, VC++11 and Beyond Chandler Carruth - Clang - Defending C++ from Murphy's Million Monkeys Panel- Ask Us Anything! If you are planning to do any multi-threading, then I’d definitely recommend watching Hans...(Read whole news on source site)

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