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C# to C++ – A Somewhat Short Guide

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Last updated: 2012-02-02 This is a big post – over 12200 words – and so I’ve decided to make it available as a PDF download, which you can get here: It has bookmarks for easier navigation along with a Table of Contents and page numbers. I expect that I will revise this from time to time and welcome any suggestions, feedback, and (especially) corrections. If so I will update the Last updated field at the top and will create a revised PDF as well. I hope this proves useful. For those interested,
the sessions from the GoingNative 2012 conference will be streaming live today (Feb 2) and tomorrow on Channel 9: . Sessions will also be available for download shortly after the show ends (I’d guess within 24-48 hours, but that’s just a guess). It looks fascinating so definitely check it out! (I know I will be watching it.)   Introduction This is a somewhat short guide to the important things to know if you are a C# programmer and find yourself needing or wanting to work in C++, for example to create Metro style games...(Read whole news on source site)

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