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Preface The checkbox has been been around in the Graphical User Interface as long as I can remember doing GUI - in the early 90’s. You know” let’s make that “it’s been around longer than I care to remember”. But for my newest Windows Phone project I wanted something different. In stead of boring old   I wanted something like this: Turns out you can do this in pure XAML. And almost entirely in Expression Blend, too. I could just post the XAML and be done with it, but I
like to document the track I took, not only to educate you, but also to remember myself how the hell I got here in the first place ;-). Setting the stage Open Visual Studio 2010 Create a new Windows Phone 7 (7.1 of course!) project, Make a folder “icons” Download this image to your computer Paste it in the “icons” folder in Visual Studio Double check the image’s properties, they should be as showed to the right. Save the project Creating style and control template Open the...(Read whole news on source site)



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