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Less number of log records in FULL recovery mode

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Note:- Please refer to post mentioned here to see why there are less number of log records. Actully this is not minimal logging but its less number of log records/ As per BOL ( here and here),  minimal logging is only possible in SIMPLE and BULK-LOGGED recovery mode using bulk operations  and FULL recovery mode fully logs all transactions. But, I have seen that the minimal logging is happening for when we load data into tables using SSIS, for some combination minimal logging is happening even if database in FULL  recovery mode. Below is the create to create such
database and source table. use master go if db_id('minimalLogTest') is not null begin alter database minimalLogTest set single_user with rollback immediate drop database minimalLogTest end go Create database minimalLogTest go Alter database minimalLogTest set recovery FULL go use minimalLogTest go if object_id('sourceTable') is not null drop table sourceTable go Create table sourceTable ( id int identity(1,1), name nvarchar(10) default 'abc', dateOfbirth date default '20000101' ) go --now insert 1000000 rows into source table declare @i int =...(Read whole news on source site)

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