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I’ve been contemplating an article about handling JSON for some time now, but it turned out to be a rather long article and writing extremely large blog posts is someone else’s trade mark these days ;-). So I’d thought to try something new, and write a short series in three parts. Part 1 handles the basics Part 2 handles advanced deserialization with class hierarchies Part 3 handles a caching-and-updating scenarios. And this is part 1 ;-) This whole article actually boils down to one line of code, but I need to go
to some hooplah to show you how to use it. It all begin with the data. Consider this piece of quite readable piece of JSON, describing a few recent Windows Phone models. [ { "Brand": "Nokia","Type" : "Lumia 800", "Specs":{"Storage" : "16GB", "Memory": "512MB","Screensize" : "3.7"} }, { "Brand": "Nokia", "Type" : "Lumia 710", "Specs":{"Storage" : "8GB","Memory": "512MB","Screensize" : "3.7"} }, { "Brand": "Nokia","Type" : "Lumia 900", "Specs":{"Storage" : "8GB", "Memory": "512MB","Screensize" : "4.3" } ...(Read whole news on source site)



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