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Saving Telerik PersistenceFramework data to a string

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In the project I'm involved with, we've been saving column arrangement and column width data for quite a while. I had a request to give the users a way to select which columns to display and it just seemed natural to include the display order with that data.

Recently I've been tasked with saving the filtering and sorting information as well. We're using the Telerik RadGrid, so I went to their site to find out how to do that.

Saving all sorts of Grid-related data to Isolated Storage was really easy as I'll show first. Saving that data
to the database was a bit more involved. I'm not going to really fire off to SQL in this post, but I'm going to go as far as saving the data to a global string variable, and read it back.

Live Silverlight sample on the page, appropriate snippets of code discussed, and a download of the app at the end.

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