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Inside Red Gate - Experimental Results

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As a brief interlude from my Concurrent Collections series, I thought I would give an roundup of how the lean startup experiments have been progressing. As you can expect, there's been some good aspects and some bad aspects. The experiments so far After lots of discussions, arguments, posing and ruling out hypotheses, we came up with two 'starter' hypotheses we could test fairly easily: Customers don't agree to send data on how they use SmartAssembly; which features they use, the versions of .NET they have installed, etc, because the consent dialog doesn't make it clear the data is all anonymous and aggregated. This is
a prequisite for further experimentation. SmartAssembly isn't a webapp, with google analytics and web logs telling us everything. In order to conduct experiments on SmartAssembly, we need to know how customers are using it once it is installed on their machines, and they need to confirm it's ok for us to collect that data. Our current acceptance rate for usage reporting on SmartAssembly itself is quite low, so we needed to improve this for future experiments. Customers aren't using feature usage reporting and error reporting within their own applications because those options are swamped amongst all the obfuscation options. Experiment 1 Hypothesis: Customers...(Read whole news on source site)

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