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When you create a project with the developer preview of MVC4 it creates in your project a nuget package list. I’m using Nuget power tools package restore so I don’t have to commit
my packages to source control. I decided to test my repository to ensure it had everything needed to recreate it. I cloned my repository and hit the build button. Unable to find version '' of package 'MicrosoftWebInfrastructure'.     Carnage!  The project fails to build and several of my packages can’t be found.  The second error is the main culprit.  Once the package restore runs into it’s first error it stops. MicrosoftWebInfrastructure? MicrosoftWebInfrastructure is part of the MVC4 developer preview bits.  Nuget package restore is designed to go to the public nuget package store to retrieve packages.  Using the Nuget package explorer I confirmed that MicrosoftWebInfrastructure is not found. Researching the package...(Read whole news on source site)



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