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EF 4.3 Beta 1 Released

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At the end of November we released Beta 1 of Code First Migrations. At the time we released Code First Migration Beta 1 we also announced that we would be rolling the migrations work into the main EntityFramework NuGet package and releasing it as EF 4.3. Today we are making Beta 1 of EF 4.3 available. This release also includes a number of bug fixes for the DbContext API and Code First. We are planning for this to be the last pre-release version of migrations and our next release will be the final RTM of EF 4.3.
  What Changed This release has been primarily about integrating migrations into the EntityFramework NuGet package, improving quality and cleaning up the API surface ready to RTM. Notable changes to Code First Migrations include: New Enable-Migrations command. You now use the Enable-Migrations command to add the Migrations folder and Configuration class to your project. This command will also automatically fill in your context type in the Configuration class (provided you have a single context defined in your project). Update-Database.exe command line tool. In addition to the power shell...(Read whole news on source site)