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SQL Azure Federations and the Entity Framework

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The recent SQL Azure Q4 2011 Service Release includes the new feature SQL Azure Federations which enables greater scalability and performance from the database tier of your application through horizontal partitioning. One or more tables within a database are split by row and partitioned across multiple databases (Federation members). This type of horizontal partitioning is often referred to as ‘sharding’. Detailed information on the SQL Azure Federations feature is available here. The current release of Entity Framework can be used to work with SQL Azure Federations, however a federated database cannot be created by the Entity Framework. Our
Customer Advisory Team has started a series of blog posts with the goal of providing guidance around common scenarios and issues that arise when using the Entity Framework with SQL Azure Federations. The first blog post in this series, SQL Azure Federations with Entity Framework Code-First, is a great getting started guide. It explains the correct procedure to submit the USE FEDERATION statement before sending queries to the database via the Entity Framework (query execution or update operations). The next post, Understanding SQL Azure Federations No-MARS Support and Entity...(Read whole news on source site)

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