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Create a 3d maze with Silverlight 5.0

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I would like to start this post saying I'm not a game development expert. During the first times of my work with computers I've been fashinated by the matter but I never gone deep on this development branch. Once I've meet the first time Silverlight 5.0 and I known about the 3D programming the first idea I had is to create a very simple maze as the one someone could write as the basis of a 3D game. In this post I want to briefly illustrate the work you can download at the end of the text. Here you
can view a short video of the result of my work. The maze in this video is made totally with the 3D API in Silverlight 5.0 and is totally compatible with the RTW bits. The maze is randomly generated every time you load the program and you can control the movement using the keyboard. Generate the maze At the base of the example there is a random generation algorithm. I think there are lot of algorithms you can find on internet and probably the one I used is really...(Read whole news on source site)

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