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Getting started with Metro style DirectX

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A little more than three months ago, Microsoft hosted the //build/ conference at which they unveiled the upcoming version of Windows (commonly called Windows 8, though I don’t know if the marketing folks have accepted the fact that that is the name most of us are expecting for it yet). They released to the developer world a build of it called the Windows Developer Preview (and Windows Server Developer Preview) along with various tools for creating the new “Metro style” apps. I wasn’t able to make it to //build/ but I’ve watched a lot of the sessions in the past
few months (53h43m04s and counting) and I’ve been running the developer preview a lot both on a developer machine and on a Samsung Series 7 Slate that I bought for testing and development. So far I’m very impressed. As far as UI, there are some small changes I’d like to see. I wish the mouse would work more like touch input; having mouse and touch be different isn’t intuitive (for me) and the touch scheme has a very well-designed flow so I really don’t think it makes sense to keep the mouse in a bizarro legacy interaction style (scroll...(Read whole news on source site)

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