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One Month in... and things change...

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One month in...

Well, it's been a month on the new site now.

I guess at first I thought everyone would just start following the new feed and the traffic would magically appear at WDN, but I still saw a lot of folks hitting GWB, presumably looking for good Silverlight links.

So I announced my postings at GWB to not leave anyone out of the loop.

And now I find that's annoyed some people... sorry about that!

I can't see cross-posting the posts completely, so you'll just have to go to the
new site to see them I guess. is still up and still growing with every post. The aggregation there can be searched as always and if you have a driving desire to submit there vs submitting to WindowsDevNews, I'm still getting those emails.

When I blog, I am posting links to @SilverlightNews in addition to @WindowsDevNews, at least for now.

I am also still blogging all the links I was blogging before, the difference is now I'm also blogging other stuff as well.

The only real thing *YOU* need to change is the...(Read whole news on source site)

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