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Microsoft == x86 && Sometimes !x64

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Whenever I do use Visual Studio and try to compile something under 64 bit I run into problems. It seems that most MS Devs for Visual Studio and the relevant tool chain are still mainly writing 32 bit applications. Here are some of the latest issues I did run into.   COM applications targeting x64 are still using x32 as target platform for the MIDL compiler by default Resolution: You have to select in the UI MIDL – Target Environment X64 by yourself. Alternatively you can edit the vcxproj file directly
and set the flag there:     X64   The othere issue was that on my dev machine Visual Studio 2010 SP1 did freeze quite often. The dump showed that it did hang while loading  the assembly Microsoft.VSDesigner. I have filed a Connect issue for this but I got not any helpful feedback yet. In the meantime I did find out by myself why VS was hanging. Once the hang did occur it was freezing quite often which is good for a repro but very annoying if there is nothing you can do about it. I...(Read whole news on source site)

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