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Silverlight 5.0 is here to stay!

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Just a few minutes ago I’ve received the good news about the release of Silverlight 5.0 RTW. This is the release many of us are expecting for the end of the year as stated in some previous events. Silverlight 5.0 is a great big step forward on the development of business applications due to a number of improvements introduced in this technology. These improvements involve full-trust, databinding, P/Invoke, Multiple windows and the introduction of the new 3d API based on XNA. For a complete list of the new features please visit Pete Brown’s
blog where you can find an useful index with many examples linked. By my side I’m planning to start writing about the new feature asap, waiting just the time of making my experiments to become usable examples. Probably I will post about 3d in the next days. For now please let me make my compliments to the Silverlight team to be able to deliver this release despite of the continuous voices spreading arount about the death of this technology. Now we can say that Silverlight is a mature technology we can start use everywhere we...(Read whole news on source site)

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