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The Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK

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Overview Windows HPC Server 2008 is infrastructure for high-end applications that require high performance computing clusters – i.e. for scaling out parallelizable across many compute nodes in a grid. These compute nodes can be coordinated by a head node , which in turn can be proxied via a service broker node that exposes a SOA WCF interface for job scheduling. Additional functionality includes the ability to coordinate between job processes running on nodes via MPI (message passing interface). The Windows Azure Scheduler is basically a complete & modular deployment of all HPC Server components to
run in the cloud, not just compute nodes, and without having to rely on a VM role to host the Head Node. Functionality: HPC Azure job scheduling and resource management, runtime support for MPI and SOA, web-based job submission interfaces, and persistent state management of job queue and resource configuration. A basic deployment includes the following:
A SQL Azure database - stores state information about the job queue and resource configuration

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