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Is SharePoint really a 3 role environment? An Overview. Part 1 of 5

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Let me clarify what I mean by “3 role” environment.  When looking at the division of roles with products, solutions or environments, it has been very normal to break it down into IT Pros (Admins), Developers and End Users.  And many approach SharePoint in the same style.  Does it fit?  Sure.  Is it the most effective approach?  HECK NO! Let’s look at it piece by piece.  Now the question is where do we start? We need to redefine this.  In all cases leaving it as IT Pros, Developers and End Users is too broad.  It really does not
push to truly have an understanding what the solution should be about.  Within the IT Pro role, you have server admins, dbas, infrastructure/solution architects and in many situations the farm administrator is not part of those roles. Developers are also part of this mix, but this can also be a complex breakdown, as you will likely have your developers, designers, web developers and so on.  And within the End User community it is even more complex.  I have in the past referred to SharePoint as a solution that is an End User owned solution.  Yes, many IT folks do...(Read whole news on source site)

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