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Feedback Requested: Is there any valid usage for the ‘new’ keyword?

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Yesterday I ended up being part of a discussion about using the ‘new’ keyword to hide base-class members. A colleague of mine used it to alter a base-class property in a derived class with the purpose of making it more strongly typed. I’ve always rationalized guideline AV1010 (Don’t hide inherited members with the new keyword) by referring to the Liskov Substitution Principle and claiming that if you need it, then you’re probably facing a design smell. In this particular case that was indeed the issue, so after fixing it, the keyword wasn’t necessary at all. But, his
arguments did make sense. In fact, he was so convinced about it that he sent me a proposal for an exception to the C# Coding Guidelines. As part of the discussion, he also sent me some background info on the keyword’s origin by C# co-author Eric Lippert. This is the example he claims is a valid and useful exception to the guideline. The purpose was to ensure that a manager always has a smart phone rather than any other type of phone. public class Phone
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