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Code First Migrations: Beta 1 Released

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At the end of September we released Alpha 3 of Code First Migrations. Based on Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 feedback your telling us that we are building the right thing… so it’s time to start improving quality and working towards our first go-live release. Today we are making Beta 1 available which is our first step in that direction.   What Changed This release has been primarily about improving quality and cleaning up the API surface ready to RTM. There aren’t any significant changes to the user experience. Some more notable changes include:
Class and method renames. We’ve done a lot of renaming and refactoring since Alpha 3. There are some important notes in the next section about how these changes affect migrations that were generated with Alpha 3. Migrations will now create indexes on foreign key columns. Improved model change detection. We fixed a number of bugs in the way we look for changes in your model and scaffold migrations. This includes things such as detecting CascadeDelete changes on relationships.   Upgrading From Alpha 3 If you...(Read whole news on source site)

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