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Eduasync part 17: unit testing

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In the last post I showed a method to implement "majority voting" for tasks, allowing a result to become available as soon as possible. At the end, I mentioned that I was reasonably confident that it worked because of the unit tests... but I didn't show the tests themselves. I felt they deserved their own post, as there's a bigger point here: it's possible to unit test async code. At least sometimes. Testing code involving asynchrony is generally a pain. Introducing the exact order of events that you want is awkward, as is managing the threading within tests.
With a few benefits with async methods: We know that the async method itself will only execute in a single thread at a time We can control the thread in which the async method will execute, if it doesn't configure its awaits explicitly Assuming the async method returns Task or Task, we can check whether or not it's finished Between Task and TaskCompletionSource, we have a way of injecting tasks that we understand Now in our sample method we have the...(Read whole news on source site)

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