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PhoneGap on WP7 tip #1: Handling Orientation

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  Today’s PhoneGap on Windows Phone 7 tip involves handling orientation changes. This means when a user rotates their phone from portrait to landscape, the content should rotate as well. Not only that, in some scenarios elements on the screen should reformat for readability and ease of interaction. As I mentioned in the introductory post,, you can do a lot of things within your application just working with HTML/JS/CSS inside the PhoneGap control. But you’ll gain a whole new set of app superpowers if you step outside of that. We’re starting today with something small – how to have the PhoneGap
part of application rotate properly as the phone changes orientation. To get ready for today’s tip, let’s create a new project in Visual Studio using the PhoneGap template that’s described in the introduction to the tip series. It’s sneaky because you need to click on the Visual C# section on the left pane of the window to display the entire list of templates. Once you create the project, what you’ll have is essentially a Silverlight for Windows Phone project. PhoneGap is running in a host Silverlight XAML page. By default, Silverlight for Windows Phone applications do not run in landscape mode. You...(Read whole news on source site)

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