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Guide to reduce TFS database growth using the Test Attachment Cleaner

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Recently there has been several reports on TFS databases growing too fast and growing too big.  Notable this has been observed when one has started to use more features of the Testing system.  Also, the TFS 2010 handles test results differently from TFS 2008, and this leads to more data stored in the TFS databases. As a consequence of this there has been released some tools to remove unneeded data in the database, and also some fixes to correct for bugs which has been found and corrected during this process.  Further some preventive practices and maintenance rules should be adopted.
A lot of people have blogged about this, among these are: Anu’s very important blog post here describes both the problem and solutions to handle it.  She describes both the Test Attachment Cleaner tool, and also some QFE/CU releases to fix some underlying bugs which prevented the tool from being fully effective. Brian Harry’s blog post here describes the problem too This forum thread describes the problem with some solution hints. Ravi Shanker’s blog post here describes best practices on solving this (TBP) Grant...(Read whole news on source site)

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