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Eduasync part 15: implementing COMEFROM with a horrible hack

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Ages ago when I wrote my previous Eduasync post, I said we'd look at a pipeline model of coroutines. I've decided to skip that, as I do want to cover the topic of this post, and I've got some more "normal" async ideas to write about too. If you want to look at the pipeline coroutines code, it's project 20 in the source repository. Have fun, and don't blame me if you get confused reading it - so do I. The code I am going to write about is horrible too. It's almost as tricky to understand,
and it does far nastier things. Things that the C# 5 specification explicitly says you shouldn't do. If it makes you feel any better when your head hurts reading this code, spare a thought for me - I haven't looked at it in over six months, and I don't have a blog post explaining how it's meant to work. I just have almost entirely uncommented code which is designed to be hard to understand (in terms of the main program flow). On no account should any code like this ever be used for anything remotely serious. With...(Read whole news on source site)

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