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  I am happy to announce that my first course with Pluralsight is now available. I partnered on this course with my friend Dan Wahlin, who is a top notch instructor/presenter. Together we decided to create a course that helps developers get familiar with what Windows 8 Metro Style apps have to offer, from both a XAML and HTML perspective. So even if you have zero experience with Metro apps, this course is a good primer. And to show they have a sense of humor, the folks at Pluralsight used a tracing of
our photos on their web page that makes us look, let’s say, a little cartoonish .   So if you are itching to get going with Windows 8 development and have put it off, be sure to check the full course out online at Pluralsight. Here is a sample video from the module that I think shows how Metro style apps using XAML offer both a very familiar development experience for XAML devs and some new features that are pretty cool.
Module 1 - Introduction to Building Windows 8 Metro  Applications Introduction ...(Read whole news on source site)



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