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Almost five years at Aviva Solutions and still enjoying it every minute

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I know, I know, I’m still 3 months away from it. But without doubt, on the 1st of February, I will be celebrating my first 5-year anniversary in the 15 years of my professional career. That might sound silly, but I’ve always had a problem of getting restless after a few years . It never was a problem with the people around me, and in fact, from a employee point of view I’ve never had anything to complain at all. It has just been my desire to move along at some point and discover a fresh new environment. Strangely
enough I don’t have that problem at all currently. Some may claim its my age and the corresponding desire for finding a final settlement, but I’m quite sure it’s the uniqueness of my current employer, Aviva Solutions. I think this is well illustrated by this photo collage (click for a bigger picture). Obviously our annual social trip to a warm place close to the beach is only barely sufficient to keep me happy (pun intended). But the fact that we have practically no hierarchy, that I enjoy the company of some very experienced colleagues, and that...(Read whole news on source site)

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